Bike Trade In

Let your old bike help you buy a new one

If you've got a bike shop quality bike, we want it

A few years back we recognized a few things.  One, people want to get rid of their old bike before they can purchase a new one.  Two, other bike shops don't take trades.  And three, some people just want a good used bike.  We took that epihany and partnered with Bicycle Blue Book to create a clear system for valuing a trade and taking in used bikes.  Then we recondition the trades and turn them into high quality used bikes to sell at a great value.

  • Bring in your bike in clean, safe, and resellable condition

  • Be honest about the condition and history of your bike.  We can't take any bikes that have been crashed and may be damaged

  • We take bikes that are 2006 or newer

  • Our valuation tool provides the most accurate trade in value for your bike, so what it says is what we offer

  • We offer store credit for bikes, not cash.

The Pro's Closet Option

Get your quote from the comfort of your home, shed, or garage

A "submit it yourself" trade-in option, then bring it to us!

The Pro's Closet runs a program where you submit the bike to them for evaluation and get your credit emailed to you.  Then just bring it in to us and we'll apply your store credit to a bike purchase!