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Don't give up your bike any longer than you have to

We know that the riding season is short and you need to maximize every day that you can with your bike.  For that, we have appointments.  Let us know as much as you can about your bike and the service that it needs and we'll do our best to get it back to you quickly, and when you need it.  Please note that we'll have it a little longer if parts need to be ordered, but we can arrange for you to only drop it off once the parts arrive.

There is no extra charge for appointments.  You're helping us out too!

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Bike Information

This information helps us pull up the data and history on the bike that we'll be servicing and prepare your Work Order accordingly. Please be as specific as possible!

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This helps us check the bike in and process warranty issues. On newer bikes it is on a sticker under the downtube and on older bikes it is engraved under the bottom bracket.

Service Details

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Lead times are "business days". We do not service bicycles on Sundays and most Saturdays during peak busy season.
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We do our best to meet your desired pickup date. Please note the expected lead times for the service that you are requesting, which include business days starting the day after you drop off your bicycle, unless you drop it off before noon. Business days do not include Saturdays (during peak season) or Sundays.
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We can guarantee your bicycle to be ready 24 hours after you drop it off for an additional fee of $25 which covers the overtime for the Service Staff.

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