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A fat bike is the perfect addition to your quiver of bikes whether you'll use it purely for winter or year round mountain biking.  They're super fun, ultra capable, and extend your season instead of sending you inside to the trainer.

Wicked Nor'Eastah: The perfect event to play with your new toy

Trek Fat Bikes: Farley and Farley EX

Trek Farley and Farley EX lead the way in value, providing the best spec'd and future proof fat bikes available for current and future wheel sizes.

Trek Farley 9 - 2016
$2,499.96 - $3,199.99
Trek Farley 5 - 2017
$1,499.96 - $1,649.98

Rocky Mountain Fat Bikes: Blizzard and Suzi-Q

Rugged fat bikes from the brand that only makes mountain bikes that are built to conquer trails tougher than New England.

Rocky Mountain Suzi Q -90 Degrees RSL - 2017
$3,799.96 - $4,299.99
Rocky Mountain Suzi Q -70 Degrees RSL - 2017
$2,799.96 - $3,299.99
Rocky Mountain Blizzard -50 Degrees - 2017
$2,199.96 - $2,599.99

Salsa and Ibis Fat Bikes: Beargrease, Mukluk, Bucksaw, and Trans Fat

Salsa and Ibis provide something different than the more common brands.  Every bit as good but unique in their own way.