Rentals & Demos

Try before you buy

We are not a bike rental center but we do occasionally have demos for you to take for a ride in your natural habitat to see if the new bike that you're after is the right one for you.  We try to have demos in the hard to find models or the ones that we really believe in.  All of our demos can be "rented" for a $75 per day fee which is credited towards a bike purchase of a similar model within 30 days.  You'll be required to leave a copy of your credit card and ID and will be responsible for any damage that you cause to said bicycle while you rip it and shred your favorite trails.  We'll cover flats and the small stuff because that's normal.

Current Demo Fleet

  • Ibis Mojo 3 - Full Suspension 27.5+ MTB - M, L

  • Trek Lush SL 27.5 - Womens Full Suspension MTB - 15, 17

  • Trek Lift+ - Ride+ Electric Comfort Hybrid - S, M, L