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Original designs from an independent artist...on top quality t-shirts

Damion Hickman creates some amazing designs and then lays them on the most comfortable t-shirts that you'll ever wear.  The kind of attention to detail that Damion pays unfortunately attracts counterfeiters.  Rest assured, when you order a DHDwear tee from us you are getting the real deal.  Unfortunately, when you order one from Amazon or eBay you may not be.  Beware of counterfeiters!

Choose Your DHDwear Design

DHD Wear Strava Made Me Dope Tee

This shirt will get softer and softer the more you wash it. Fabrics • 100%… [more]

DHD Wear MTB Trooper Tee

Join the dark side! Shirts are 100% Cotton [more]

DHD Wear Fuego Tee

100% cotton shirt with white skeleton and metallic gold flames graphic. [more]

DHD Wear Numbskull MTB

Got MTB on the brain? Yeah us too. Shirts are 100% Cotton. [more]

DHD Wear One Less Car Tee

Every time you see someone on a bike it's one less car on the road and one… [more]

DHD Wear Peloton Trooper Tee

Join the dark side or just show up for one of their weekday training rides… [more]

DHD Wear BikeLife Tee

You don't have to be a scientist to figure this one out. 100% Cotton [more]

DHD Wear Velobones Tee

You don't have to wait until Dia de los Muertos to break out the VeloBones… [more]

DHD Wear Chainheart Tee - Women's

Shirts are 100% soft cotton. [more]

DHD Wear Love My Wife V2 Tee

"I LOVE it when MY WIFE lets me go ride my bike" Shirts are 100% Cotton [more]

DHD Wear CAT 6 Tee

The Urban Dictionary says CAT 6 racing or "hipster racing" refers to… [more]

DHD Wear Smiley Tee

Charcoal grey with yellow graphic. Shirts are 100% soft cotton. [more]

DHD Wear Smiley Tee - Women's

Smile, bikes are fun! Shirts are 100% soft cotton. [more]

DHD Wear Banana Seat Tee

Take a ride down memory lane. Who doesn't have good memories of their old… [more]

DHD Wear Off Off Off On Tee

Off the couch, Turn the TV off and turn the phone off. It's time for a… [more]

DHD Wear Velobones Tee - Womens

Heathered navy VeloBones v-neck tee with light blue design. Shirts are… [more]

DHD Wear MTB Tee

Tell the world what kind of bike riding you do with three simple letters.… [more]

DHD Wear Think Abike Tee

Great Minds Think Abike. I'm pretty sure that's how the old saying goes.… [more]

DHD Wear BikeLife Tee - Women's

Shirts are 100% soft cotton [more]

DHD Wear Pedal Tee

Pedal, because you're supposed to. Shirts are 100% cotton. [more]

DHD Wear Peloton Trooper Sock

Wherever you ride, your feet should feel comfortable and well supported.… [more]

DHD Wear Just Pedal Tee

Plain and simple.... JUST PEDAL. Black shirt with white graphic. Shirts… [more]

DHD Wear Higher Education Tee

This shirt is for all of us who skipped a class every now and then (some… [more]

DHD Wear Peloton Trooper Purist Water Bottle 22oz

Hydrate in style with the with our Peloton Trooper 22 oz. Specialized… [more]