Electric Pedal Assist Bikes to Take You Farther and Faster

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Electric pedal assist bikes (or, "ebikes") are quickly taking over Europe and the US isn't far behind.  You can get your exercise while traveling farther and faster which makes riding even more fun.  Commuting is a blast and you can arrive at work without breaking a sweat.  People with disabilities can now enjoy cycling in a way that they never thought possible!

Special Financing Available:

12 Months of 0% Deferred Interest Financing with any eBike Purchase*

Getting the bike of your dreams isn't always affordable the day that you want it.  So rather than wait for your tax refund or bonus from work you can take advantage of our Trek Card Financing.

*subject to credit approval.  0% deferred interest contingent upon on time payment and full payment before 12 months


Electra Townie Go!: Electra Comfort with Bosch Power

All of the comfort of an Electra Townie with Flat Foot Technology combined with the power, speed, and reliability of a Bosch eBike system.

Stromer: Because the Swiss don't make cars

Stromer is one of the original eBike brands and their bike designs are amazing.  It's a completely integrated system where the bike is built around the motor and the battery.