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Rider Gear Checklist

Helmet – Important for protecting your head in case of a crash.  Note that newer-style helmets are lighter-weight, more comfortable, and better ventilated.  More expensive helmets offer these features, but they all protect your head the same.  Riding a bike without a helmet is like going to work without pants on; people will look at you funny.

Moisture Wicking Cycling Apparel
– synthetic fibers for moisture wicking, temperature control, and overall body comfort.   Cycling jerseys also have rear pockets for storing tools, food, and other goodies.

Cycling Shorts
– Padded bike shorts really make a difference on long-distance rides!  You don’t have to look like Lance though if you’re not comfortable with them, baggy shorts are also available

Cycling gloves
– Better grip on the bike, avoid numbness of the hands on long rides, and also to protect your palms if you accidentally fall.  Full-fingered gloves are recommended for mountain biking.

Cycling Shoes
– For better pedaling efficiency and to avoid numbness in the feet. And cycling socks provide moisture control and comfort.

Performance Optics (Sunglasses)
– To shield your eyes from the sun, insects, and tree branches.  Higher priced eyewear usually has better optical clarity.  Don’t wear glass lenses, they can shatter on impact and cut your eyes.

Rain Gear
– In case of rain or just to use as an extra barrier against the wind.  Many cycling specific jackets are light and can be rolled small enough to fit in a jersey pocket.

Hydration Pack – Convenient and comfortable alternative to water bottles. Packs are also handy for carrying tools, a pump, and food.

Bike Gear Checklist

Water Bottles and Cages (or hydration pack) – Hydrating is important, especially on long rides and all-day journeys.  Some riders carry sports drinks in their bottles and water in their hydration pack.  Packs are also handy for carrying tools, a pump, and food.

Bike Lock – To secure your bike if you’ll be leaving it unattended.

Saddle Bag
– To store things you may need along the ride to make repairs.  Most riders carry a tool, CO2, and a spare tube or patch kit.

Frame Pump
– In case of a flat.  Frame pumps are handy because you can mount them to the bicycle.  *Note that they are not ideal for regular use before rides.

– To make minor adjustments on the ride.  Even if you don’t know how to adjust a bike, other riders can help if you carry the right tools.

– For better performance and longer wear.   We recommend Finishline, Dumond Tech, and Boeshield lubricants.

Rear Rack – To carry bags, jackets, etc.

Clipless pedals – For cycling efficiency.  Clipping in gives you a better connection to the bike, which translates into better power and control.   Mountain bike pedals will work on road bikes, but are not as efficient or as comfortable.

Smith Overtake
$149.96 - $250.00
Smith Overtake
$149.96 - $250.00
Saris Bones 3-Bike
$169.99 - $174.99
Lazer Sport Genesis
$129.96 - $165.00
Giro Air Attack Shield
$159.96 - $240.00
Giro Air Attack Shield
$159.96 - $240.00
Bontrager UV Sunstop Skull Cap
$10.00 - $24.99
DeFeet Armskins Arm Warmers
$10.00 - $29.99
$24.99 - $29.99