Fit First:  Bike Fit Studio

Because your Fit matters more than any product that you can purchase

At Spark, we understand that fit is the most important part of a fulfilling riding experience.  Our Fit Method creates a marriage between rider and bicycle like no other.  Fit First is a comprehensive fit philosophy created to help cyclists ride faster, longer and in greater comfort, while reducing the chance for injury.

Our premier service is our Fit First Pre-Purchase Consultation.  Before you even begin to dream about which bike you want you should first find out which bikes are right for you.  Our Fit First Service begins with a Pre-Fit Assessment before moving to our custom fit bike.  Once we've put you in the most efficient, powerful, and comfortable position possible we then take the data from the bike and determine the best bike options available down to the size and cockpit configuration, even if we don't sell them. 

We also understand that many of you already own your bike and are married to it so we have services for that too.  Our Retro Fit services will get your existing bike dialed in as close as it can be to suit your needs.  We also provide a “sizing” for free as a courtesy with every bicycle that we sell.  It includes setting the saddle height and fore-aft position to the proper placement.  This service is a great start but it is not a “fit”.  Bicycle fitting takes time and an education and is not given away when done properly.  A Fit starts with a Pre-Fit Assessment before the bike even becomes involved.  It is extremely valuable and it is not included in a bike purchase.