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We're Closed On Sundays

When we first opened in 2010 we were open 7 days a week.  At that time the staff was very small and we quickly got burned out, and tired of missing out on participating in all of the great events.  We made the decision then to be closed on Sundays.  A few years later the staff was pretty big and we caved to the request to be open on Sundays.  We did it for two years with varied results.  Most Sundays were very slow, and again, we missed so many great events.  Today, we're commited to Sunday being a day where if we're working it's at an event where we get to see all of you and be a part of the sports that we love.  Sunday is a day for us to ride, run, swim, or just spend time with family.  We rest and we recover so that we can be more productive the rest of the week.

If we're open on a Sunday it is a special occasion, like for last minute Christmas shopping or Tax Free Weekend

Where You'll Find Us

We're a pretty active crew.  On any given Sunday you'll find us on a group ride, the local 5k, or at whatever amazing race is going on.  We also put on our own events with Rock Hard Racing.

  • Wicked Nor'Eastah (Every year on Super Bowl Sunday)

  • Puckwudgie MTB TT and Trail Run (Every year in Early April)

  • Freetown 50 (Every year the Sunday after Landmine)

  • Crosstobeerfest (Every year on a Wednesday in mid-October)

  • Secret Squirrel CX (Every year the Saturday after Thanksgiving)

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