Santa's Rad Sale

Santa has something rad in store for you and we add something each week!  Some items are in-store only but many are available online.  Happy shopping!

  • Spark Patriot Gloves ($34) & Patriot Socks ($15) Combo Deal:  Just $39 when purchased together!  (Only available in store because we can't figure out how to do it online)

  • All Spark Trucker Hats ($28):  Just $20!

  • All Spark Bike Shop Tees, Run Shop Tees, and Running Tees:  Just $15!

  • All Used Kids Bikes:  $100 (sorry, no trade ins towards used bikes)

  • All In-Stock Hydro Flasks:  25% Off!

  • Continental GP 4000 S II Tires:  $49.98 each or 2 for $79!  (in store only)

  • Spark Striped Rollers Socks:  Just $6!  (in store only)

   25% Off In-Stock Hydro Flasks!

We've got hard to find styles and colors that just aren't made anymore.  Get them while they last!

   Spark Trucker Hats:  $20

Spark trucker hats from Endurance Threads and Boco.

   Sale Clothing

Clothing and apparel accessories currently on sale.

   Great Gift Ideas

The best thing about this time of year is the look on their face when they open the carefully picked out gift that's exactly what they wanted or just what they needed.  We know runners, cyclists, triathletes, and casual riders.  We've picked out what we think are just the right gifts for whoever's on your list!

   Spark Gear

Our customers love to fly our colors and rep the shop, especially considering we only put our name on the nicest stuff.

   Tools and Bike Care

Some cyclists love to work on their own bikes and even ones who don't should have at least a few of the basic tools, lubricants, and cleaners on hand in case the need arises.  We stock a little of everything but our main brands are Pedro's and Park Tool.


Everyone loves socks and everyone loves new ones.  You can never have too many!  Some are on our website but there are a ton in our shop that aren't, and quite a few are on clearance for $6!


Something else you can never have to much of is nutrition.  Gels, bars, chews, waffles, and drink mix are all essential.  Everyone has their favorites and some people are also open to trying something new.  We carry a little bit of everything but we're one of the few places where you can get HotShot, Tailwind, Gatorade Endurance, and Base Performance.

   Hats & Gloves

Like socks, you can almost never have too many hats and gloves especially in winter.  It's nice to always have a set in the car, in each bag, and in each jacket just in case you forgot to pack right.


Indoor cycling trainers are the best way to train during the winter.  You maintain fitness and stay in the same riding position so that you remain familiar with your bike.  We carry a variety of price points and brands!

   Garmin Running Watches

Garmin makes the absolute best and most reliable running watches.  We stock all of the most popular items and during the holidays some are authorized to be "on sale".  We also have great deals on older clearance units!

   Garmin Cycling Computers

Garmin also makes the most popular cycling computers available, that's why we stock so many!