Grow Up Trade Up

Our Kids Bike Trade In Program makes a quality bike affordable so no child has to ride a BSO (Bike Shaped Object) from a department store

Size It Right

When your child rides a bike that is too small or too large it is both uncomfortable and unsafe. Our friendly, trained staff is here to help you select the size that fits your child, to make the necessary adjustments, and to ensure that you and your child love your new bike.

Grow Up Trade Up

Purchase any new Kids bike from us and bring it back to trade in for 50% of your purchase credited towards a larger bike.  You can trade up all of the way until your child's first "adult" bike.  You can also purchase a used kids bike from us and trade it in for 25% of your purchased price as well.

BALANCE BIKES & TRIKES: Up to 3 Years Old / 30-35" Tall

12-INCH BIKES: 2-4 Years Old / 35-40" Tall

*If you are trading in a bicycle that requires parts; the cost of the necessary parts needed to recondition the bicycle to rideable condition will be deducted from your credit.  We will treat these rare situations with the utmost integrity as we do the rest of our business.  Training wheels must always come back if the bike was sold with them.