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Running Shoe Fit

At Spark we don’t just sell running shoes.  We specialize in providing the correct fit based on foot/ankle structure, arch height, observation, and asking the right questions.  Our experienced staff has fit thousands of runners from marathoners to those seeking to complete their first 5k.  Walkers and even cross-fit folks have also found our selection and expertise to be the best in the area.

This isn’t the mall.  We are not here for “the pink one”.  We know runners because we run.  Let us fit you and change the way that you do.

Types of Runners

No matter how you run; we have a shoe for you

Words like “pronation”, “supination”, and “plantar fasciitis” are not new to us.  They only translate to “neutral”, “stability”, and “motion control”.  But there’s way more to it than that.  Finding the right shoe starts with your natural ankle/foot structure and arch height, but doesn’t end there.  Your hip and thus your natural gait in combination with your foot type dictate your stride.  Your knee is the victim when everything doesn’t align the way it should.

But regardless of how you run, be honest with us with how you THINK you run.  Tell us how it feels, what your foot does, where you feel pain, and most importantly; how you like a shoe to feel.  With our guidance we can help you choose the perfect shoe for you (even if you run like a goof).

Stepping into Minimalism

Not too long ago the world read, “Born To Run” and from then on running stores were bombarded with requests for shoes that are lighter, provide little support, and have 4mm or less of drop.  This type of footwear was originally categorized as “minimal” but has since been re-defined as “natural”.  Regardless of the name that a brand chooses to define this category, the general purpose of these shoes remains the same.

The misconception of these shoes is that they will solve all of your foot problems.  The reality is that if you desire to wear them it will take work and patience, but the reward will be the reduced chance of injury.  You must make the informed choice for yourself if minimalism is right for you.


Well Cushioned & Flexible

Neutral shoes are for runners who do not pronate and are relatively efficient, but still desire a fair amount of cushioning.


Supportive & Stable

Stability, Guidance, and Motion Control shoes are designed to offer varying levels of stability for runners who pronate.


Efficient & Fast

Natural shoes let the runners stride and gait determine how the shoe behaves.  They offer lightweight and only a minimal amount of cushioning.


Playing in the Dirt

Trail shoes offer the ability to venture off of the pavement.  While they do not fit into traditional "Neutral" and "Stability" categories, Trail shoes come in many variations.