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Sell Your Bike For Cash

Sell Your Bike For Cash

We're buying bikes for the first time ever since we can't have our Used Bike Swap


If you have bikes that you no longer need and you'd rather get cash for them or can't find one that you want to trade in towards; we're here to buy it!  We're looking for bike shop quality bikes in safe and rideable condition.  Be sure to clean it!  Submit this form and if we're interested we'll respond asking for pictures like a creepy dating site except we want to see your bike.


STEP 1:  Fill out this quick form (you will get a reply if we're interested)


STEP 2:  If we're interested we'll reply asking for pictures of your bike.  Have those ready!


STEP 3:  If we'd like to purchase your bike we'll offer you cash and a store credit options.  Neither is negotiable.


STEP 4:  Once accepted please deliver your bike to us at a time that we arrange with you.  Then go spend your loot!


Please fill this out to the best of your knowledge.  We accept:

  • Bike Shop quality bikes 2010 or newer

  • In safe, clean, and resellable condition

  • From the lawful owner of said bicycle

Your Contact Info

We need your info to contact you back if we're interested in your bike! By the way, you need to be the owner of this bicycle to sell it to us. .

Must be a valid email address, e.g.

Your Bike's Info

We consider purchasing 2008 and newer bike shop quality bikes in safe and rideable condition. You must be the legal owner of this bicycle. . If we are interested in purchasing your bicycle we will contact you and request a few pictures before inviting you to the store with it. Please do not contact our staff by phone regarding this. Only a few members of our team handle used bike purchases. . Accepted bikes must be delivered to us by the seller. We do not accept shipped bikes at this time. .

Select the model year of your bicycle. We accept bikes that are 2008 or newer. If you don't know the model year of your bike but know that it is newer than 2008 please select "I Don't Know"
If you don't remember what size bike you have check around on the bike and look for a size sticker. If you can't find one we will help you figure it out.
Please select the condition of your bicycle
It's somewhere on the bike usually a little smaller than the brand name and typically only displayed once on each side of the bike.
You can usually find this on the tire
Tell us something that makes us want to buy this bike!
Choose how you'd like to be paid if we want your bike!


This is the normal legal stuff to protect us against the jerks of the work that would try to take advantage of our good nature. We know that's not you. You're pretty awesome.

By typing your full name you attest that all of the information provided is true and this bike is indeed yours by law purchased lawfully and is in the condition declared.