Used Bike Swap & Spring Sale

Saturday May 4th 2019 from 10am until 3pm

Join us for our annual event where folks just like you are selling their old bike!  In addition to the Consignment Sale we also have our annual Clearance Sale to rid ourselves of old merchandise.

Clearance Bikes at Insane Prices
Clearance Apparel at $30 or less
On Running Cloud Shoes at $60
On Running Cloudflyer & CloudSurfer Shoes at $60
High-end Helmets at $60
$10 T-Shirts
$30 Clearance Parts and Accessories
$5 & $10 Clearance Bins
$10 Hats & $6 Socks
$5 T-Shirt Bins

For Sellers

Earn Cash or Credit


  • Fill out this USED BIKE SWAP CONTRACT online before you bring your bicycle in.
  • Bring your bike shop quality bicycle (no department store bikes please) in starting 4/22/19 and before 5/2/19.
  • Your bike must be in safe and rideable condition.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any bicycle without explanation.
  • Have a price in mind that you want to sell your bike for.  We can help.
  • Decide beforehand if you want 75% of the bike’s selling price in cash or 90% in store credit.
  • Once your bike is dropped off it is in our possession until the day of the sale.


  • Your bike will be displayed at the price that you have set. 
  • There will be no negotiating or haggling.
  • You may NOT come and try to sell your bike yourself.


  • Cash/Store Credits will be ready for pickup on Monday 5/6/19.
  • Unsold bicycles must be picked up by 5/11/19.  Please pick up your unsold bike on time.  If you fail to pick up your unsold bike it will be donated to a local youth organization or charged weekly for storage.

For Buyers

Buying a Used Bike


  • We will be taking in bike shop quality bicycles and not department store bikes.
  • We are not inspecting, servicing, cleaning, or appraising these bicycles.
  • The price of the bicycle has been set by its owner.
  • Bicycles are NOT available to view prior to the sale.


  • Bicycles will be on display organized by type (road, mountain, hybrid, comfort, kids).
  • Bicycle prices have been set by the seller.
  • There will be no negotiating or haggling.
  • There is no test riding.
  • Payment may be cash or credit card.
  • All sales are FINAL.


  • If you desire to have the bicycle that you’ve purchased serviced we will be happy to service it for you at our normal service rates.
  • Ride your new bike!

The Not-So-Fine Print

When we take in used bicycles for the swap we are at all times acting in the best interest of the potential buyers of said bicycles.  We will not accept department store bicycles or any bicycle that appears to be in unsafe condition.  We reserve the right to refuse any bicycle without explanation.  At no time does any bicycle at the swap become the property of Spark Bike Run Sports and Spark BRS, Inc is not responsible for the mechanical condition of any bicycle purchased.  All sales are final.  At no time will the personal information of any buyer or seller be disclosed or shared with anyone.