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About Us

Who we are, where we’ve been, and where we’re going

Spark Bike Run Sports is a Veteran owned and family operated cycling, running, and triathlon specialty store.  We carry only the best brands who stand behind their products and specialize in providing you with the right fit for your needs.  Our staff uses the gear that we carry and we are all active in the cycling, running, and triathlon communities.  We’re not all world class professional racers either.  We all started out as beginners, just like you did.

Spark BRS, Inc. was founded by Mike O’Connell with the loving support of his wife, Liz in 2010 after his return home from Iraq.  Mike’s dream had always been to combine his two favorite activities and bring a quality Cycling and Running specialty store to this area.  He grew up working at Olympia Sports and at Silver City Bicycles and sorely missed Silver City after its closing.  Based on the immediate support from the cycling community, the area missed that shop as well! 

If you’ve been looking for a shop where you can be involved far beyond making your purchase then you’ve found it.  We live what we sell and we play as hard as you do.  We inspire others to stay active, to try new things, to compete, and to challenge ones self to achieve new goals.  We never stop improving, innovating, and growing.  We are not afraid to be off the front.

We are Spark.