Carbon Wheel Upgrade Program

The one thing that's most worthy of an upgrade on a brand new bicycle is the wheels.  It's the first thing that a manufacturer downgrades to lower the price or lower the cost.  Wheels are also the single biggest upgrade that a rider will notice.  That's why it's important, and also why this program exists.

Step 1: Choose Your New Bicycle

Selecting the right new bicycle is important.  Our staff is here to help you make sure that you pick the right one that fits your purpose, needs, and budget.

  • Mountain Bikes from Trek, Salsa, Marin, Ibis, and BMC
  • Road Bikes from Trek and Parlee
  • Gravel/CX Bikes from Trek, Salsa, Marin, Ibis, Rodeo Labs, and BMC

*Only new bikes purchased from Spark are eligible for this program at time of purchase

Step 2: Upgrade Your Wheels

We'll give you credit towards new carbon wheels based on trading in the wheels from your new bike (brand new, un-ridden, and purchased from Spark).  We offer Maple, Bontrager, ENVE, DT Swiss, Zipp, and Industry Nine under this program.  Trade in value is determined by price of new bicycle.

  • Up to $1000 = $100 credit
  • $1000 to $2500 = $200 credit
  • $2500+ = $300 credit

Carbon Wheels