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Chasing a New Bike?  We Can Help!

COVID-19 caused a Bike Boom which led to a Global Bicycle Shortage.  Here's the short version:

At the start of the pandemic (in the US) suppliers saw lockdowns on the horizon and braced for a sharp decrease in business and cancelled their factory orders by roughly 50%.  Then everyone got stuck at home with their kids and decided to get them new bikes.  The kids bikes sold out first.  Then all of the parents realized that it would be fun to ride with their kids.  First every bike under $600 sold out.  Then under $850.  Then under $1000.  In about three weeks nothing under $2000 was available.  The bike industry sold about 3 years worth of bikes in 3 weeks.  That's really great for bike shops except for one problem; it takes 9-12 months to produce more bikes and every brand cancelled 50% of their orders.  So then with a lack of new bicycle inventory many consumers dug their really old bikes out of their sheds to be serviced.  But since demand had increased, combined with supply chain issues; parts were all gone too.

Let's take a moment to recognize how frustrating this is.  We understand that you want the bike that you want, when you want it.  We want that for you too!  We also understand that if you check your bike in for repair that you want it back quickly.  We want that for you as well!  It is very frustrating for us to not be able to deliver.  We are doing everything that we can to get you rolling and keep you rolling....safely.  Unfortunately ETA's are moving targets and are just estimates.

So here we are about six months later and there are still few bikes and even less parts available.  Fall is here, Winter is coming.  There is hope!  The brands that we represent ramped up production early and some even let us place our own factory orders.  Bikes are on the way!  We're likely a few years away from you walking into a bike shop and ordering the bike that you want and riding it a week later...but bikes are on the way.

We have placed very generous and well thought out orders with our suppliers and are taking reservations for bikes that are coming in the future.  Our goal is to make sure that you have a quality bike to ride when Spring 2021 arrives!  You can reserve a bike by paying in full on our site or by calling/visiting and making a 50% deposit.

To avoid confusion during Holiday shopping we will be removing bike reservations from this site in early November and will only display bikes that are In Stock.

How our site works

We Take Reservations!

Our site allows you to choose a bike from the inventory that we currently have on order that will arrive on a future date.  We can come up with an ETA but they are subject to change.  This is as close to a "sure thing" as we can get right now but it is better than calling every week to see what we've gotten in.  Because we take reservations, roughly 75% of the bikes that come in are already spoken for and have the name of a customer that has been waiting quite awhile attached.  We believe that this is the best way to get everyone rolling on a new bike!

Please pay attention while browsing!

Once you select your size and color take a look at "Availability" before placing a bike in your cart.  We frequently have customers who thought that they were purchasing a bike that is "In Stock" when in reality they were reserving a future bike.  You can reserve a bike by paying in full on our site or by calling/visiting and making a 50% deposit.

Orbea Bikes

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Trek Bikes

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Marin Bikes

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Bikes In Stock

Bikes You Can Take Home Right Now!

We do have bikes in stock!  We were lucky to have placed orders when we did and have great relationships with our brands.  The bikes below are in stock right now!  Of course click on the size and color to make sure that it says "In Stock and Incoming" to be sure.  Many of these are in boxes so once you place your order please wait to hear from our Service Pros.  They'll let you know when your bike is ready for pickup!

Trek Madone SLR 6 Disc Speed
$5,999.00 - $6,999.99 $6,499.99 - $6,999.99 Up To 14% Savings
Trek Verve+ Lowstep
$2,299.00 - $2,399.99 $2,399.99 Up To 4% Savings
Trek Powerfly 5
$3,699.00 - $3,999.99 $3,999.99 Up To 8% Savings
Trek Fuel EX 9.8
$5,499.99 - $5,999.99
Trek Marlin 6
$649.99 - $669.99
Trek Marlin 5 Women's
$549.99 - $569.99
Marin Fairfax 1
$429.00 - $449.99
All-City Zig Zag 105
$2,199.00 - $2,699.00 $2,499.00 - $2,699.00 Up To 19% Savings
Specialized Ruby Comp Carbon 57cm - Used
$1,299.00 $2,999.00 57% Savings
Orbea Aqua 51cm - Used
$499.00 $1,299.00 62% Savings
Santa Cruz TallBoy C Small - Used
$2,500.00 $4,000.00 38% Savings
Marin Headlands 1
$2,099.00 - $2,399.99 $2,399.99 Up To 13% Savings
Trek Domane+ LT
$6,499.99 - $6,999.99
Salsa Mukluk SX Eagle
$1,799.00 - $1,999.00 $1,999.00 Up To 10% Savings