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Fit + Tuned + Cleaned = Ready

Spring is coming and both you and your bike need to be equally ready.  So for the month of March we're offering a package deal for a savings of $75.

FIT - Schedule a fit with Mike to get your bike (and you) dialed in

TUNED - Spring is crucial and the more ready your bike is the longer it will make it through the season without requiring more service

CLEANED - A clean bike is a happy bike, and happy bikes don't break down when you need them

Fit First

It all starts with a Fit.  We could start with the tuning and cleaning but then some of the changes made during the Fit could be undone, so we start with the Fit.  It's super important so it makes sense.

  • Physical Analysis
  • Pedal/Shoe Analysis
  • Saddle Analysis
  • XYZ Body Position Analysis

Tuned & Cleaned

After your Fit we'll be checking your bike in with our Service Pros for your evaluation.  In addition to applying your Fit adjustments we'll determine whether a ProClean or a WERX service is right for you.  Either way you'll save $75!

  • ProClean is a tuning and an assembled cleaning of the entire bike
  • WERX is a full overhaul bringing the bike back to like-new

If you service your bike now it is preventative maintenance so that it can perform during the prime riding season.

Schedule Your Fit