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Used Bikes

We love selling brand new bikes!  But we also love finding new riders for lightly used bikes that have plenty of miles left in them.  That's why for 10 years we've been taking in used bikes in trade towards a brand new one.  Our Service Pros then give them the love they deserve before they are listed for sale!

Some people want a brand new bike every few years and some would be just as happy to purchase one that's just a few years old to avoid the premium price tag of a brand new bike.  We're happy to please everyone!

Used Bike Inventory

Why Buy Used?

Used bikes present an opportunity to get the performance of a "premium" bike at the price of an entry or mid level model.  Many used bikes were purchased and then barely ridden, only to be sold and/or traded in a few years later.  These are the ones that we take in to service and then sell in our shop.  We do not take in bikes that were abused or missed their service intervals.

Any Negatives?

Used bikes do not come with any warranty from the manufacturer.  So you save a ton of money but if something goes wrong down the road (which is rare) you are not entitled to a resolution from the brand.

Trek Remedy 9.8 17.5/Medium - Used
$3,499.00 $5,499.00 36% Savings
Santa Cruz TallBoy C Small - Used
$2,500.00 $4,000.00 38% Savings
Cervelo R3 Force/Rival 51cm - Used
$1,199.00 $3,199.00 63% Savings
Trek Domane AL 2 58cm - Used
$599.00 $829.00 28% Savings
Jamis Ventura Elite 48cm - Used
$499.00 $1,599.00 69% Savings
Specialized Dolce 54cm - Used
$299.00 $899.00 67% Savings
Trek 7000 Small - Used
$299.00 $529.00 43% Savings

Trade In Options

Why Trade-In instead of selling it yourself?

While you could certainly get more for your bike by selling it yourself you need to be pretty savvy to do so.  Today's consumer has tons of questions and expectations.  They also frequently want to haggle, if they even show up to do so.  If you're savvy and experienced you can definitely sell your bike at market value to this consumer as long as you're prepared to wait for the right one.  Trading in to us is just quicker and easier.

Ultimately we're happy help you trade in your bike to help finance a new one.  We don't haggle and we don't negotiate.  We also do not take offense if you choose to sell your bike yourself.


Bicycle Blue Book has a nice trade-in calculator on our site that allows you see your trade-in estimate instantly which is likely what you'll get if we choose to accept your bike.  The Pro's Closet is an online submission form that if your bike is accepted you drop off to us and then we send it to them.  We recommend using both and choosing whichever yields you a better offer!