Frequently Asked Questions

Where's this "Lakeville" you speak of?  

Glad you asked!  Lakeville is a magical place just a little bit east of where we are now.  It's closer to our Middleboro and Rochester customers while somehow not inconvenient to our current Raynham and Taunton customers.  You'll love it, not that you have a say!

Why are you moving?  

Another great question!  While we love our current space, times have changed and like all of the things that you love it needs to be upgraded and changed for reasons that you wouldn't understand.

What can I look forward to for features on this new model?  

Well for starters, the whole thing is made out of the latest in patented cutting edge technology that we've dubbed, "Quantum Fiber", which only comes in Miami

How does this one compare to the old model?  

With Quantum Fiber we were able to make the new store 15% lighter and 5% stiffer, while maintaining our current compliance for excellent ride quality.

Are there any new features?  

We've increased tire clearance to allow for 32+ just in case, future-proofed it for Boostier 165 hub spacing, and made sure it could accommodate SRAM 5 Speed Sparrow as soon as it's available.  This new store can survive at least one year of bicycle industry changes.