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Field Work Nutrition Primo Smoothie - Vanilla 18 Serving

Field Work Nutrition Primo Smoothie - Vanilla 18 Serving
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Eat one meal a day you feel great about, and feed your body what it needs to be lean and toned for living life "in the field."
Vanilla Flavor - a smooth yet robust natural flavor inspired by the bottles of vanilla we used to bring back from over the border (and still do) on surf or mountain bike trips down to Baja California. Available in an 18 serving container

Build a Healthy Body in Under 2 Minutes a Day with Clean, Complete Nutrition

Take the work out of eating healthy and put the joy back in with a great tasting protein smoothie you'll love drinking each day.

Our Primo Smoothie is a protein rich shake that is perfect as a morning breakfast smoothie, pre-workout fueling smoothie, or post workout recovery smoothie. It is specifically formulated to provide clean, balanced, and complete nutrition, so you can feed your body what it needs to be lean, fit, and functional and get the nutrients you need quickly and easily...making eating healthy easy and taste great.

Primo Smoothie contains key nutrients that are consistently lacking in too many of our diets like 20 grams of clean protein from grass fed whey, healthy fats and omega-3s, vitamins D, E, C, magnesium and iron, curcumin from turmeric and probiotics.

We encourage you to blend your real food Primo Smoothie with fresh fruit and a mixer of your choice to get additional micronutrients and fiber…not to mention to customize your shake in a way you love it.

Part Numbers

FWN-VAN-18 FIE38861675G